Rob’s Ramblings

This sections is where Rob shares his story and struggles. It is because of Rob, that Buxley’s Battalion exists. Sometimes, hearing the struggles of others is uncomfortable. Sometimes, it is endearing. It should always be inspiring. Hopefully, through reading Rob’s posts, you will find some comfort that you are not alone in the world and be inspired to become the best you that you can be!
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The heart of the pitbull

Me and Buxley both came from rough environments. Both of us fighting for criminals and thugs. Trying to survive and find love.
We found each other and have each other’s back.

What we gotta say is this. Believe in hope and keep going till the fight is over. Life is about love and finding peace.
Now we both live in peace and no longer have to fight for others.
Time for you to […]

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The “what kind of person are you?” business.

I’m in the “what kind of person are you” business. 
Be it related to veterans or dogs, community related things such as special needs kids or the homeless. 
While veteran suicide, addiction and being homeless are at sky high rates. I get messages asking me about my MOS. Or if I was in IRAQ, never once do these people offer to help us or any veteran. I’ve seen plenty of guys, wearing […]

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What is owning Yourself?

What is owning yourself and your goals.
12 months ago. I was facing divorce recovering from addiction and had serious health problems.
12 months later, Ive started a clothing line company to save Pitbulls and place them with veterans. After pitching this idea to my client. Who is now my partner, along with his sister.

I lost 25 pounds and gained a ton of muscle. Went from a day one white belt in […]

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