I’m in the “what kind of person are you” business. 

Be it related to veterans or dogs, community related things such as special needs kids or the homeless. 

While veteran suicide, addiction and being homeless are at sky high rates. I get messages asking me about my MOS. Or if I was in IRAQ, never once do these people offer to help us or any veteran. I’ve seen plenty of guys, wearing shirts or having tattoos in the VA To some cool guy units. Stand and Watch a senior citizen veteran of WW2 or Korea struggle in their wheelchair. 

So I find it funny that these guys ask me about what I did. cause more then anything, I’m marketed as a former addict and gang member then Marine. I speak more on those issues then what I did in the Marines. I rarely have stuff I post speaking on my old days. 

When you are a activist, you Concern yourself with surrounding yourself with those that can help your cause. While I’m happy that many of you did some amazing things in the military. If you are not in the helping people business, It really does not benefit me or those that need my help. 

This is why I say, I’m A Man who served in the Marines. But it is not who I am now. I identity more with felons and the poor. This is due to me spending years after the Marines in that world. 

Now a days I’m a Christian in the making. I’m terrible at it. I cuss and make many mistakes. But I’m dedicated to helping others and making a impact in my community. I don’t want to relive my 20’s or use that to help push shirt sales.

I help people, I do Jiu jitsu to inspire people. I’m a man trying his best to be a good person now. That is what matters the most to me. 

My advice to those who wish to troll me or others. Trying to find something that is false. Worry more about yourself and the impact you make. Be the person you expect me to be. 

Trolling is for people who don’t go out and conquer shit. For those who wish to knock down others. 

Also to those veterans out there. Who can’t wait to social media troll another veteran. Please PM how well that helped you at the VA. How this helped you get along with your wife. Or how at your job you managed to show your employer how hiring veterans was worth their effort. 

It’s easy to be a asshole, it’s much harder to be a person who inspires others to follow them.