What is owning yourself and your goals.

12 months ago. I was facing divorce recovering from addiction and had serious health problems.

12 months later, Ive started a clothing line company to save Pitbulls and place them with veterans. After pitching this idea to my client. Who is now my partner, along with his sister.

I lost 25 pounds and gained a ton of muscle. Went from a day one white belt in Jiu jitsu to blue belt. Competed several times and improved my placings. This is after three major injuries, with one being a neck injury.

I finally got to speak to my son for the first time in my life.

I saved several dogs, placed them. Gave few thousand to charity thanks to my partners and our customers. Helped several veterans.

Sponsored a veteran to the US open in powerlifting. Also gave him a few days in Dallas on us.

I started up a 501 charity for veterans

I got a mini social media/business going on Instagram with 40k followers.

I’m going to ibjjf worlds for blue belt. A goal I had a year ago.

I wrote this down to myself. Cause today I felt defeated but also relieved after a month of serious pain in my shoulder and the agony of finding a apartment.

12 months is always full of ups and downs. But I’m actually surprised at myself today. I did a lot in that year.